Boy Scouts now allow transgenders

The Boy Scouts of America will now permit transgenders to join their crew. In other words,  girls with bad parents will now be allowed to rub sticks with the boys. Sounds lame and the Boy Scouts association has FAILED our children. There's a Boy Scouts and a Girl Scouts. You join the one that matches the organ in your pants, not the imaginary one that you don't have.


UPI reports - Two years after a controversial decision to allow openly gay troop leaders and employees to join the Boy Scouts of America, the organization announced Monday it will do the same for transgender young people as well.

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The Boy Scouts of America will allow transgender youths to join local troops, the national organization announced Monday, ending a 100-year-old practice of determining eligibility for the group based on the gender listed on a birth certificate and bringing it into line with other youth-oriented groups in the country.


I think the Boy Scouts of America should put their foot down on the dirt of the campground and remind the 1% nation of transgenders that this is a boys group. BOYS ONLY! There's already a Girl scouts. Take your daughter to the Girl Scouts like all the other girls. Stop letting your girl think she's a boy. She doesn't even have a d*ck.

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If you're a girl, but you like to dress as a boy, that doesn't mean you're a boy. You are still a girl. Isn't that what we call TOMBOYS? You don't need to be labeled as a transgender just because you like some things boys like.

Since when did America think it was necessary to play dress up and all of a sudden think you're the opposite sex?

Was Borat a woman when he donned the mankini? I think not.

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