People who boycott Netflix because of Obama are snowflakes

Netflix just signed a deal with Barack and Michelle Obama to deal to produce some nonsense show that I don’t care about. I saw this news and instantly thought “ew, gross, why would Netflix do this” and then I remembered that it’s all about business for Netflix. While there are millions who won’t watch the Obama show, there are still millions who will watch it.

So they announced the show and I thought, oh well, who cares? I won’t watch it, but I don’t care if the show is made or available. There will be plenty of people who do like it, so what do I care and how does that affect me? It doesn’t affect me one bit if Netflix does a show with the Obama’s just like it shouldn’t bother people if they did a show with Trump.

The worst part about the Netflix and Obama deal is watching people on social media say they’re boycotting and canceling their Netflix subscription. Who are these people, a bunch of snowflakes? Did everyone turn into David Hogg all of a sudden?

It seems like the same people criticizing the liberals for boycotting things are turning into liberals and boycotting things. Boycotts are for losers.

Either this is a bunch of bot accounts creating fake outrage, or people are acting like children.

If someone really canceled their Netflix account over them doing a show with Obama, then I want to know if those same people canceled their cable service when Obama had his inauguration on television? Or did anyone cancel their services whenever Hillary was on TV? No - because that would be childish and pointless. What does an adult do? They don’t watch something that they don’t like. That’s it. Nothing else to do. Be an adult and realize that there’s no need to cancel Netflix if you like a lot of the other movies and shows.

You can dislike Obama and still keep your Netflix account and it doesn’t make you any more or less of a person.

Think about this for a second - if you’ve been with Netflix for years, then you already know they have a few shows that suck. Every streaming program and television network has shows that you like and some that you think are terrible.  Have you ever boycotted Netflix because they had a show that sucked? No - probably not. This is no different.

I’m on Netflix. I don’t care about Barack or Michelle Obama. I’m staying on Netflix and I simply don’t watch the shows and movies that are no good.

If you’re boycotting Netflix because they sign a deal with a President that you don’t like, then you’re a snowflake.

Grow up.

Be a fucking adult.

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