Boys are Better at Physics Because they Play with Pee

Three college professors, Anna Wilson, Kate Wilson and David Low have just came to a modern breakthrough theory as to why boys are generally better at projectile physics than girls.  It's because they play with their pee.

The magical trio of educators say that since boys stand up to pee and are taught to hit certain spots of a toilet, they are inherently more experienced in understand things related to physics, such as projectile motion.  The professors didn't write this as a random social media or blog post, they posted to a site that is well known and respected in the facilitation of educational material, jobs, news and courses worldwide from some of the best teachers around.

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A couple of the interesting professors says that they have personally observed the fun that boys have while playing with their urine.  They even went so far as to factor how many times boys get to practice their urine motion projectile physics to the age of 14, which is over 10,000 times.  That's a lot of math work they had to do on little boys peeing habits!

They noted specifics saying how boys and their peeing target practice is ingrained into our culture.  They mentioned that there are YouTube videos that offer instruction to boys on the most effective ways to write their names in the snow, and that poets have described actual pissing contests and finally that their very own children have told them about a pissing wall in the back of their schools where boys show their peeing prowess in games of precision target shooting.

Apparently the researchers did not really factor in things like gender bias in course materials, lack of female physics educators, cultural pressure and expectations.  Those broadly known factors contributing to the under-performance of females in the physics field only rated a mere mention as they conceded, "they may be another reason too."

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It is of note that the progressively thinking professors do not suggest girls start playing with their pee.  But who knows what that really means in today's gender fluid society?  Can Bruce, err Cailtyn Jenner still spell her name in the snow due to Bruce's previous experience?

The professors did not propose it, but with how the world is going nowadays, it's not too far fetched to guess that the next step would be to make it illegal for men to pee while standing up.

I may, or may not have, wrote this article while peeing in an Arby's bathroom.

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