BREAKING: Trump names 2nd woman to Cabinet…She Will DESTROY What Liberals Did!

Donald Trump just named charter school advocate, Betsy DeVos, as the Secretary of Education.

She has a vagina.

She’s a full blown woman.

She is not a transgender man dressed up to be a woman.

This means liberal heads are spinning like Linda Blair in the Exorcist movie because whiny liberals spent the entire Presidential race calling Trump a sexist, yet there he goes hiring another woman. That’s some sh*t that makes you go hmmmm…

The Detroit News – the DeVos choice faced criticism even before it was formally announced Wednesday. Conservatives warned that DeVos, a longtime Republican donor, previously supported the Common Core education standards that Trump railed against during the campaign.

Trump, who was at his Palm Beach estate Wednesday for the Thanksgiving holiday, called DeVos “a brilliant and passionate education advocate.”

DeVos, from Michigan, is a longtime advocate for charter schools and school vouchers. She currently leads the advocacy group, American Federation for Children, and sits on the board of the Jeb Bush-led Foundation for Excellence in Education.

“Under her leadership we will reform the U.S. education system and break the bureaucracy that is holding our children back so that we can deliver world-class education and school choice to all families,” Trump said.

What I’m going to say next will probably trigger some hardcore Trump fans, but before you open your mouth and spout off with some stupid nonsense quotes, you should know two things.

I voted for Trump. Hillary was not an option.
I know a lot of teachers, principals, and people who work at schools, so my information comes directly from inside sources

Trump f*cked up.

This is actually a piss poor hire for education because the majority of charter schools end up in fraudulent cases, closed down due to mismanagement, and historically have failed at or below the same rates of public schools in the ghetto.

She also likes common core, which every teacher and parent hate too. Have you not seen the simple math problems that common core turns into a three hour project.

Now here’s some information about the majority of charter schools. This applies mostly to the charter schools in urban settings. Any charter school that is in the suburbs – well those don’t count, but there aren’t that many of them anyway. You’ll understand why they don’t count in a few moments.

Here’s what charter schools do.

hire teachers with little to no experience or background in education. Many charter schools hire these people who work for “Teach for America” which is a collection of losers who couldn’t find a job in their college major. These idiots take a job with TFA under the agreement that they’ll work for a few years and get their college loans paid off. That’s a great deal for the morons who apply for the job, but it literally screws over every child who is forced to learn from these dummies. Should Brenda, the fine arts for women major, be in a classroom teaching and trying to manage thirty students? No. She’s an idiot. She has NO clue how to manage a classroom, let alone deliver a message to students in a way that they comprehend it. And don’t even think about wondering how she’ll handle the disrespectful problem students. TFA hacks like her usually quit halfway through the year, then the students face an array of substitute teachers because the charter school is too cheap to hire a real teacher. End result? The students fall behind because the charter school makes more money by not hiring real teachers.
enroll kids who are special education students, take public education funding for them (they get more for sped kids), then do not provide special education services for the students. Sometimes the charter schools kick the special ed kids out, but the money that’s allocated to the charter school stays with the school, even after the special ed student goes to another school. That means the charter schools get shady, bring in all the sped kids they can find, then boot them out and keep the money. Who wins? The charter school because they get free money for kicking out a kid with a disability. Who loses? The student loses and the public school they’re sent to lose. Why? Because the public school they’re sent to does not get the funding for the sped child, so if they didn’t have a special ed teacher already hired, they’re not getting one. Now the special ed student, who might not really have that much of a learning disability, but could benefit from smaller classes and individualized help, is stuck in a room with thirty kids and doesn’t get that much needed service to help them succeed with everyone else.
sometimes charter schools purposely enroll behavior problem students only to kick them out after schools have “leveled” and of course – the charter school keeps the money. Leveling is when each school reports with their registration numbers and can request a new teacher if the school has higher than expected numbers. Sometimes a school will also lose a teacher. Basically, teachers are shuffled around unexpectedly to schools where they might be needed most. What the charter schools do is this – let the bad kids in now, and they know damn well they’ll be kicking them out in October! Free money for the charter school, lack of funds and added behavior problems for the real school.

Now this mostly happens in the urban areas of most cities. You won’t see this nonsense as much in the suburbs because the charter schools in the burbs are ran by much smarter people. These people know it’s not worth being corrupt and losing your business.

The dopes in the ghetto somehow get approved for funding, then they’re shut down three years later because someone bought a Ferrari with the school money and there’s nothing left to pay the Teach For America losers.

If the charter process in the urban areas would cease, then the students would get appropriate funding in their public schools and kids wouldn’t be screwed over with 30-60 kids in a class.

Not to mention the fact that public school teachers are a zillion times more qualified than these Teach for America hags that charter schools use as a cheap solution.

No thanks. I don’t want my child being taught by someone who takes a job just to pay off their loans, just because they couldn’t find a job in their field, just because they’re an idiot who picked a stupid major like feminist liberal lesbian pastel painting for transgender men in the eighteenth century.

I think Trump screwed the pooch on his selection of Betsy DeVos.

The charter school movement is a joke and so is anyone who supports it. Except the schools in the suburbs – those are OK.

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