Brenda Snipes informed informed she cannot rescind her resignation

Florida's Republican state Senate president announced that Broward County elections supervisor Brenda Snipes is not able to rescind her resignation in order to contest her suspension by Governor Rick Scott, per a report in the National Review. The controversial Snipes was heavily criticized on social media after her office missed a recount deadline and 'misplaced' at least 2,000 ballots in the most recent midterm elections.

Snipes resigned and was set to be done on January 4, 2019. However, she later tried to rescind her resignation when Governor Scott suspended her due to incompetence, neglect of duty, and misfeasance.

In a memo sent to his colleagues Thursday morning, Senate president Bill Galvano said Snipes’s resignation would take effect before the legislature had time to investigate the circumstances behind her suspension and determine if it was justified. As a result, Galvano said, the Senate would not allow her resignation to be rescinded.
The memo does, however, leave open the possibility that Snipes might challenge her suspension in court or request a suspension hearing before the Senate, which could result in her receiving back pay from November 30, 2018 through her resignation date of July 4, 2019. 

The most recent midterm elections found Snipes and members from her office wrapped up in controversial corruption claims after people identified her mistakes and errors that delayed the recounts that were required by Florida state law. Snipes is no stranger to controversy, as she was twice found to be guilty of violating election law which only lead to her most vocal critics claiming she was downright corrupt.

Trump had also referred to Snipes as a "disaster."

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