Bridget the Midget arrested, allegedly stabbed boyfriend

This is the type of funny news I needed today! Bridget the Midget is a tiny porn star who was arrested for allegedly stabbing her boyfriend. Now don't take it from me, but here is exactly what TMZ said about it. If there is any correction needed, just hit me up in the contact form. Also, go look up her videos. They are enlightening and it's exactly why God made dogs and peanut butter.

TMZ said this:

"10:24 AM PT -- Bridget went ballistic on her boyfriend during the argument that led to her allegedly stabbing him, dropping countless f-bombs and vulgar insults before threatening, "I will f**k you up" ... according to audio, obtained by TMZ.
In the recording, the porn star's heard from outside her apartment screaming at a man named Jesse James. She yells about money and calls him names, before accusing him of cheating with a woman she plans to out on Facebook. It gets worse ... with threats of violence and Bridget claiming she's been beat up by her boyfriend in the past.
Law enforcement sources tell us ... Bridget is still in jail, but saw the judge and will be released soon. We're told she's ordered to stay away from the victim and will have to wear an ankle monitor. So far, no official charges have been filed."

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