British Parrot Missing for 4 Years Comes Home Speaking Spanish

Once upon a time, Nigel has been living a nice life somewhere on the Californian coast. He was well- fed, lived in sunny area, enjoying every warm day there. Nigel lived like a king in Torrance, south of L.A., and wasn't bothered at all by anything.

He didn't care about politics, pollution, crime, high taxes, problems with money... His days were simple. Little food for breakfast, later some hangout with his best buddy Darren, later some sleep... and occasional daily songs that he has been singing since years. Because Nigel loved to sing and talk, which made him some kind of super star among the local community. With a little help of his funny beak, Nigel could even say some simple sentences in English, just like his best buddy Darren Chick taught him to. Nigel was an African parrot, and he mysteriously disappeared some when in 2010. When he was found few years later, he spoke Spanish, singing "que pasa" with that funny accent like only British-owned African parrot could have.

After few years of missing home and his owner, Nigel was found by some good soul in California. She did some effort and started to search for the owner of this cute grey parrot. When Nigel was presented to his old owner and buddy, they were both kind of surprised. Darren instantly recognized him, but was shocked when Nigel greeted him in Spanish, saying "hola, que tal" , instead of "hello, how are you". Nonetheless, Darren and Nigel quickly regained common language, and Nigel went back home to live with his British owner.


What's the moral of the story? Travel around and discover the world, and who knows, maybe, after some time, just like Nigel, you will come back home with another language in your head... If the home will be still there, of course.

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