Bronx High School Student Stabs Bully To Death

High school student Abel Cedeno, 18, exacted impulsive revenge on his bullies at the Urban Assembly School for Wildlife Conservation on September 28th, reports say.  Cedeno stands accused of stabbing classmate 15-year-old Matthew McCree to death. Cedeno also slashed 16-year-old Ariane LaBoy in his torso and back, but he survived. Cedeno was charged with murder, attempted murder, manslaughter and criminal possession of a weapon. According to police reports, he confessed to his crime. 

What makes this case more unique than other murders is that it appears that the offender was a victim of persistent bullying. The Urban Assembly School for Wildlife Conservation that is apparently plagued with bullying. The principal was meeting with a parent regarding bullying of her child when the incident occurred and the principal had to abruptly leave this meeting to tend to the crime in progress.  This was also the first time in twenty years that a pupil at a New York City public school had been killed at a school.

With all of the reports I have seen of bullying related incidents at this school, Urban Assembly School for Wildlife Conservation in the Bronx, it's a wonder that this terrible tragedy could not have been avoided.

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Multiple parents have come forth, including a former head of the PTA, who have taken various measures of action in response to the bullying problem at the school.  The former PTA president took her child out of the school more than 3 years ago after she felt that her child's bullying issue was not addressed whatsoever.  Others have come forth and said they have reported bullying activities, with little to no actions from the school administration.

Apparently the bullying extended to faculty and students as a whole as well.  The school was reportedly littered with weed butts (roaches being the colloquial term) and condoms thrown randomly throughout the school's corridors, and fellow students and faculty both being cursed at on a regular basis, with not much recourse.

Reports about whether this was the first fracas between Cedeno and the victims are conflicting, with some saying this was the first incident between Cedeno and his victims, but police say this may have been going on for about two weeks leading up to the attack. According to some students, this seems like all of the bullying in general was being pent up inside of Cedeno and on this day, the persistent bullying by the victims caused Cedeno to 'snap' and fatally lash out at the victims.

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Cedeno has stated that he was often the target of bullying due to his Spanish heritage, his soft spoken demeanor and whatever else they picked on him for. 

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said that the city has heavy hearts for all of the families affected by this incident and asserted that the city would be investigating what happened and what they can do to better assure parents that they are doing the utmost to ensure that his does not happen again.

The school did not previously have metal detectors installed, but they were scrambled in shortly after the fatal incident and are currently in place.

Fifty five percent of the students of the school reported feeling safe there, which is 28 percent below the New York City average according to a survey from the Department of Education conducted in 2016.

The school clearly has a problem with their students. The only way to fix that is to start penalizing the bad parents who send the unruly students to school.

The school to prison pipeline starts at home. If the parents are horrible, then there's a good chance the kids will follow their lead.

It's a shame this boy had snapped as a result of bullying. It's not right and the bullies should learn a very good lesson here.

Stabbing people isn't the way to fix problems, but I can understand how this guy snapped after being tortured for weeks and the school does absolutely nothing about it.

It's a horrible situation all around because a family lost their 15-year-old and that shouldn't happen either. We're not sure if the other boy survived his wounds in the hospital.

Parents need to do a better job raising their kids to appreciate and enjoy everyone. We cannot let this next generation grow up stabbing each other, bullying, or doing anything less than supporting each other.

I want to see teenagers helping people, not hurting each other.

I want to see parents rallying for their kids to graduate high school, not being their "friend" and thinking that's cool.

It's not cool.

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