Brothers Separated at Birth Find One Another 15 Minutes Away at College

Imagine growing up knowing that you had a brother out there and you may never get to meet them.  That's how Kieran Graham grew up.   But he never gave up hope that he would find his long-lost family. Kieran was given up for adoption by his biological mother, Shawn Ghant, when he was only three-months-old.  She says that she felt like she was unable to give Kieran what he needed at the time.

Even though Kieran thrived with his new family, he just could not kick the instinct to know more about his biological family as well.  As the years went on,  Kieran wondered about his biological mother and brother more and more.  He was told from the age of 3 that he was special because he was selected, and not just born to a family that has no choice in the matter.

Then, it was all about to change. As a Christmas gift, Kieran's mother, Sarah Graham, gave her adopted son a DNA test kit that he could link with to help find a link to his biological family.


It worked. The site positively identified Vincent Ghant as his biological brother.

Kieron took to Facebook to look for Vincent. After finding him, the brothers started to message frequently, apparently having a lot of questions for one another.

The two quizzed each other about their biological mother's name and determined they were a match.  Vincent asked Kieron if he knew his pre-adoption name, he did.  After a brief period of shock, the two agreed on a phone call that would blow everyone's minds.

Kieran and Vincent soon discovered that they live only 15 minutes away from each other, both attend Kennesaw State University and both have the same exact majors and minors.  They are also both avid fans of the Atlanta Falcons.

Since discovering each other, the two have met up many times. They have even begun planning holiday-sharing traditions that will keep both families bonds strong.

When quizzed about what they saw in the future for them now that they have been reunited, Vincent said that he seeks to create a healthy bond and take the family relationship to a whole new level.  He said that if the past few weeks are any indication, with their newfound super-sized family and his inseparability with his brother, things can only get better.

Perseverance always wins. The brothers are proof of that.