Bud Lite offers free beer to any alien that gets out of Area 51

Bud Lite has jumped all over the 'Storm Area 51 - they can't stop all of us'  raid phenomenon and is now offering free beer to any alien that gets out. When they say, they can't stop all of us, they may be right, and any alien who gets out can now enjoy a smooth refreshing Bud Lite on the house while the rest of us drink beer in the parking lot of Area 51 during a pre-raid tail gate!

Bud Lite originally joked that they will not support the raid on Area 51, but now they're all over it and even tweeted a few jokes and a new can label that is black and green with a little alien head on it. If they're actually using that as their new can design is unknown, kinda like what's inside Area 51.

I guess when we get to 'see them aliens' then those aliens are gonna 'see them Bud Lites.'


The event posted on Facebook now has 1.7 million listed as 'going' and many others intersted.

Bud Lite's initial joke tweet about the alien who ate a 30 pack.

Bud Lite's offer for free beer to aliens who get out of Area 51.
Bud Lite's new alien and Area 51 themed label.

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