Dog accidentally mauls 9-year-old boy, but it was for a good reason

A pit-bull who slightly mauled a nine-year-old boy will be sent home to his owners. The dog will NOT be euthanized. Authorities believe the pitbull who bit the child did it in hopes to pull the dog away from the child's 27-year-old mother who was attempting to drown her sons in a creek in Australia.

The dog was trying to rescue the boys who were being drowned by their own mother. The mother drowned the five-year-old but the dog was able to intervene, drag the boy out of the Murray River in Australia, and save the nine-year-old from a gruesome fate.

The bite marks, while slightly nasty, were probably not like the ones you might see when a dog turns evil and destroys a human. These were probably a bit different and believed to have been done while the dog was trying to save the boys from drowning.

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The dog, named BUDDY, will be returned home pending safe and specific conditions such as being micro-chipped. The dogs owners had a petition going that reached 45,000 signatures. Most people believe the dog acted in good will and not in a way that was meant to harm the child any further than his mother was already doing.

Buddy is believed to have intervened when a 27-year-old woman allegedly tried to drown her sons, aged nine and five, in the Murray River at Moama, on New South Wales-Victoria border, on Thursday.

A young boy's body, believed to be the five-year-old, was found in the river on Saturday and the nine-year-old is being treated for dog bites at the Royal Children's Hospital.

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The mother has not been named, but she has been charged with murder and attempted murder.

We're happy the dog will return to its owners, but we're sending sad prayers to the family who lost a five-year-old. Such a sad and pointless crime their mother committed and we couldn't imagine this happening to anyone.

Hug your kids tonight. If you don't have any of your own, then think good vibes about your family members, your friends, and their families.

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