Bullfighter gored right in the crotch and it looks miserable

As the old saying goes, "If you mess with the bull, you'll get the horns." Unfortunately, for one man, the old saying wasn't more specific on where those horns may end up.

When he stepped into the Vista Alegre bullfighting arena this week at the Semana Grande Fair in Bilbao, Spain, matador Paco Urena learned the hard way where exactly those horns could end up. This time, it was directly to his balls.


While it remains unclear just how bad the injury was, Urena's balls must have been unaffected as he was later seen showing off the bull's horns as trophies. Still, it could not have felt very nice, even if his man parts were left unscathed. The large amount of blood however, suggests that the matador did sustain a substantial injury of some kind.

Common knowledge to some, the bulls are unforgivably tortured and killed during the events. As you can see in the video below, courtesy of @rafaeljcortes on Twitter, Urena was wielding a sword during the fight. The intention was to stab the bull through the heart so it would die fast. However, that rarely happens. Sometimes for show, but most times because the bull simply fights for it's own survival.

Bullfighting has largely remained hot topic in Spain. Some citizens view it as a very important part of Spanish cultural identity, and feel it needs to be continued for the sake of future generations. Other, however, see the sport as barbaric and outdated. Some feel that this level of cruelty should have no place in the modern world.

According to PETA, at least 7,000 bulls are killed during official bullfights each year. They say the animals are "pushed to extreme mental and physical exhaustion" before the matador finally kills them, with their bodies completely drained from absolute torture, exhaustion and blood loss.