Girl Bullied For Her Moles May Compete In Miss Universe Contest

Evita Delmundo was born with moles covering her entire body and face. Some of the moles have big tufts of hair protruding from them. She also has a large birth mark covering her neck which helped give mean people reasons to bully her. She was tormented at a young age and even branded a monster. Horribly mean kids at school called her 'the chocolate chip cookie' because of the way the moles make her face look.

Delmundo gained more confidence when she moved into a secondary school and pupils from the school accepted her. Her Mother was a teacher at the school who supported and helped her gain the confidence she needed.

Despite all the bullying and suffering through her childhood, Evita Delmundo refused all kinds of mole removal surgery and now she might win the Miss Malaysia award. If she wins this, then she has the potential to compete for the Miss Universe award.

A woman who suffered years of cruel bullying over her mole-covered face is now up for Miss Universe.

Evita Delmundo, 20, was born with large dark moles across the whole of her body and face.

She was even branded a "monster" by cruel classmates who nicknamed her the "chocolate chip cookie".

But despite her tormentors and their hurtful jibes Evita refuses to have removal surgery.

After years of feeling heartbroken and shy, the brunette beauty is now up for Miss Malaysia, with the potential to go on and win Miss Universe.

She can be classed as a role model to other women. Elvita Delmundo has proven that despite your looks you can go on to do great things. No one should ever be judged by their looks because bullying can mentally harm people. Some people are mentally tortured so much that they just want to hide from everyone to avoid further pain.

Elvita Delmundo spent a lot of her childhood alone because she had no friends at school. Teachers asked other girls to accompany her to recess, but they often made terribly rude remarks behind her back. Her looks are something she can not help or change. She was born that way and should not suffer abuse for something she can not help. Of course, unless she gets a mole removal surgery, but that's not something she's interested in. There's no guarantee that the surgery would be an improvement. What if it left her with scars instead of moles?

Imagine if this was you or your daughter. How would you feel? What would you do to prevent bullying?

Elvita Delmundo proved her haters wrong. She is not a monster or chocolate chip cookie, but she IS a beautiful woman doing amazing things with her life.

I hope Elvita Delmundo wins the Miss Malaysia and Miss Universe contests. It would be amazing to see a woman with this much bravery win a competition that is followed by thousands of women. If she wins, she will set a new standard and send a strong message to women all over the world who might be suffering from bullying.

Let's see what this girl can do!

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