CA Gunman Kills 4 And Tries To Enter Elementary School

A gunman in Rancho Tehama California began shooting random people from his car, killing at least four people, before trying to enter a school and potentially shoot more victims there. It's suggested that a domestic incident sparked the man's rampage to which he found himself the suspect of an intense shooting that took numerous innocent lives for no reason. It was reported one of the victims was in an ongoing dispute with the gunman. The gunman was fatally shot by sheriff's deputies during a stand off at an elementary school.

The shooter was armed with a semi-automatic rifle and 2 side arms. He had extra ammo in a load bearing vest similar to the ones used by US Military to carry their ammo. After his rampage through the town he went to the elementary school where he shot through the walls and windows. He tried to enter the building but the locked door prevented him for entering and causing more harm. After about six minutes he started to leave the school area.

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According to reports a brave mother heard the shots after dropping off her child and returned to the school ahead of the shooter to warn the staff. The staff reacted quickly to get the students inside the building and under their desk and tables. According to CNN a six-year-old child was shot in the foot and chest. He is in stable condition at a local hospital. Several other children were injured by flying glass from the shooter firing through the windows and walls. They were taken to local hospital for treatment.

The Enloe Medical Center in Chino received five patients; three were treated and release. The St. Elizabeth Community Hospital in Red Bluff received two patients one was stabilized and sent to another facility. Mercy medical Center in Redding received three patients one was transfer to another facility.

The police have identified seven sites related to this mornings rampage. Johnson said the count of dead may rise as they continue the investigation because this is a rural area and the shooter was randomly shooting at houses and cars. A woman was shot in her car with her child in the back seat the child received a non life threatening injury.

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Brian Flint of Corning told news media that the gunman was his neighbor. He also told the Record Searchlight that his neighbor who is a convicted felon was shooting hundreds of rounds in the past few weeks. He had reported him as a threat saying he was crazy. He gave the name of his neighbor as Kevin. Police have not released the name of the shooter at this time.

There are five people dead including the shooter and ten wounded; some have been treated and release. Others were stabilized and sent to other facilities for proper medical care.

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