Caller Mike wants 'Fat' 'Worthless' 'Bum' 'Loser' Spoiled Brat' Joel Embiid out of Philly

Here's the funniest hot take ripping apart Sixers center Joel Embiid. His name is Mike and he calls the star player a fat, worthless, bum, loser, spoiled brat, and he wants the guy out of Philly as soon as possible.

How do you even react to this call that Sports Radio 94WIP received?

Well... some of it is true. Embiid is super talented, but he's also lazy at times, whines and pouts like a toddler, and doesn't seem like he's got the desire to dominate the floor at an elite level. He's the most talented big baby Philly has. If there's one thing Embiid should change, it's his mentality. What's he waiting for? Unleash the beast and dominate the league like Shaq did.

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Embiid is way too talented to let it go to waste and it seems like he only turns it on when he wants to. We want it on 24/7, not 1/1024 like an Elizabeth Warren DNA test.

Luckily there's audio of the hot take and you're either gonna love it or hate it.

Shouts to Kevin Kinkead at Crossing Broad.

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