Calvin Klein blasted for THIS risky Advert

Tons of weak skinned and unloved people blasted Calvin Klein over their latest ad featuring 22 year old Danish actor Klara Kristen in an up the skirt angle from almost ground level photograph with the text "I flash in #mycalvins."

I don't know how else one should advertise underwear other than to show them. Does it really matter which angle they're shown at? Full frontal? From the back? From the ground level? From a helicopter with binoculars? I cannot believe people have complained about this nonsense when you see a LOT more at every beach in America.

This has to come from either weak skinned millennials, liberals, or people who are depressed and have nothing better to do than complain and hide in their safe spaces.

Calvin Klein Ad Blasted

Can you believe that? people see an underwear ad that shows LESS than what you see on the beach and they throw a fit? Can you imagine if these complaining safe space needed weirdos ever went to a Brazilian or Greek beach? They'd spend their entire vacation complaining on Twitter like a bunch of out of touch buffoons.

You see MORE on the beach. In fact, there's plenty of beaches where you see people with no tops and very skimpy string bikini bottoms. But all of a sudden some people want to have a temper tantrum because showing a glimpse of underwear up the skirt is bad? That's kinda stupid, don't you think? I'm willing to bet that the people complaining are the type to hook up with a transgender in a dark alley and say they worked late. Or maybe they're stuck in a closet and they only way they can hide their own perversions is by acting like they're offended by some barely daring Calvin Klein underwear ad.

I say big deal. It's just an advertisement. If Klara Kristen was wearing a bikini and a half top and the photo was taken from the same angle, then would we have this same conversation? No. The same people complaining probably have awful videos hidden on their hard drive, so I don't want to hear about anyone's complaints.

Let's be glad Kate Moss isn't in the ad after her years of drug use. I've got a great picture of her down below after you analyze the ridiculous Twitter complaints. And for the record, I wish it was Kendall Jenner in the advert instead, even though a quick Google search let's you see everything you wish for that...almost.

Complaints that Calvin Klein's agency received on social media.

calvin klein twitter complaint But we see all up in there every day at the beach. We see all up in there at every football game when a cheerleader does a split in the air. We see all up in there all the time, but no one complains. Why now? And by the way, I'd like to see what you look like in those same underwear to compare and see who would look better on a billboard. calvin klein twitter complaint Like what? Show what the underwear look like? Calvin Klein is trying to sell underwear. If the model stood there in front and took the same picture, showing the same (or more), then what would be the difference? You can visit Victoria's Secret or Target and there's women in lingerie, panties, and bikinis (sometimes skimpy ones) plastered on the walls. This is in your malls and big stores - why aren't you complaining about that?calvin klein twitter complaint You must be a depressed woman who can't find anyone to love you. This has nothing to do with misogyny, just like Donald Trump doesn't either (he hates 2 women, give it a rest). The woman is 22 and a professional actress or model.? Have you watched TV, movies, or even been out of the basement from which you depressingly troll the Internet with your boring, incorrect, and insecure complaints? Almost everything a drip of raunchy tones in nowadays. The world thrives on it. Except your world. You must me depressed and incapable of fun or love. Has anyone listened to the radio lately? Put on a rap song, the lyrics are worse than this ad the 6 year old run around singing this junk in the playground. calvin klein twitter complaint This is called an advertisement. It shows people what the product looks like. The underwear are not spotty, which would suggest spotting by a woman, but the underwear do have polka-dots or spots of a contrasting color. Thanks for your seriously intelligent understanding of advertising. You literally know nothing.

Kendall Jenner is way better.

I own Calvin Klein underwear and their ads do not upset me.


Let's be glad Kate Moss and her drug addicted and haggard face aren't modeling anymore. If Calvin Klein wants to run a faces of meth campaign, they can start with this.

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