Elementary Teacher's Federation of Ontario sent a newsletter to teachers regarding suggested training to become familiar with the new gender-fluid terminology, sensitivity to the current issues, and to share best practices when it comes to appeasing a multitude of gender identities known as LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP.  They are seeking this newfound understanding for both the faculty as well as the students.

Readers may think this is a joke, but it's not. A Canadian school has seriously sent this home and now students are being forced to learn about this. Parents aren't very happy about it either.

The Canadian teacher federation supports this workshop with their belief that less than one percent of their organization's members are open about their sexuality and go on to cite a UK survey that claims as much as fifty percent of of the general public is LGBT to some extent.  

The fifteen letter acronym includes bizarre terms such as “demisexual”, “twospirit”, “questioning” and even “polyamorous.”

Because students are apparently expected to be polyamorous. 

The meeting took place awhile ago, on June 6 at 603 Palace Street in Whitby. Those looking to attend were instructed to contact Andres Musta, Durham region's GSA chair. 

The British study this broad minded teacher's group references asked students to rate themselves on a sexuality scale.  This survey resulted in 23 percent of British people chose something other than totally heterosexual with the numbers more extreme in the 18-24 age group with 49 percent claiming not to be totally heterosexual.

When the numbers are looked at as a whole, a whopping seventy two percent of the UK public put themselves down as complete heterosexual, while only 4 percent said they were completely homosexual, leaving 19 percent of the people surveyed saying they were somewhere in between the two extremes.

The British survey went on to note their findings that people across a wide range of generations are now accepting the very idea that different sexual orientations do actually exist.  More than 60 percent of heterosexuals across all age groups support this notion, with 73 percent of homosexuals agreeing.  28 percent of heterosexuals do not believe their is a middle ground when it comes to the ideal of someone's sexuality.  This seems to contradict, to a point, the previous statistics that show the general public being more 'open'.

The Canadian teacher's group explains that they feel if the teachers really want the pupils to succeed in life, they need to do their part to lessen the both the staff and students' stress and anxiety via a significantly warmer and accepting environment for all.

To put things in to a bit more perspective about the mindset of this particular Canadian teacher's organization, they support an interesting range of books for digestions to include such titles as "My Princess Boy", "The Boy in the Dress" and the must-have "The Sissy Duckling".  (Note: my editor loves the last book in particular.  He went to the signing).

Getting back to the survey and what it is trying to show.  If the numbers hold weight, it essentially proves that people identify as anything under the sun (unless you are in Seattle, or London, then 'clouds') now automatically have their shiny new gender included in the very fabric of society and culture.

Young pupils seem to be the target of this latest hogwash, being force-fed this ridiculous propaganda because their minds are much more malleable, dare I say 'fluid'?  With teachers acting like this it's no wonder that the younger generators are so confused about not only their gender, but many aspects of life -cough, Antifa-.

Whatever happened to just teaching elementary students the ABC's and the 123's?  Now they have to learn their "LGGBDTTTIQQAAPs" too!

What can you do about this deterioration of your public school system, in any country?

Get involved and speak up if your public school tries to push this overtly liberal agenda on your children.  At lease for the time being, parents till have the final word regarding their children and all things related to them.  This authority is seemingly slipping away as liberals push harder and harder to destroy cultures.  Keep a close eye on what your child is being taught in school.  Quiz them about the details of what they learned every day.  Be vigilant and always in defense of your ideals.

And always, always remember that there are only two genders and you cannot switch.

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