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Canadian Study shows weed-killing chemical in pasta, cereal, and cookies

You're not going to like this, but some of your favorite foods might get added to your list of things to not eat. It looks like Cheerios, Oreos, and chocolate glazed Timbits have shown trace amounts of a controversial weed-killing chemical according to a study done in Canada but carried out by a California based lab.

This research was commissioned by an advocacy group known as the Environmental Defence Canada and then it appears that it was independently conducted by Anresco Laboratories in California. What could go wrong when California and Canada team up? A ruined box of Cheerios and Oreos, that's what!

What did they do? They tested 18 foods for traces of glyphosate. That's the ingredient that kills vegetation when you spray it on. It's often found in herbicides like RoundUp and it's scientifically linked to causing cancer, based on tests and court cases that have determined this. It's always being debated, especially during summer when people buy the RoundUp products for yard maintenance.

In the Environmental Defence Canada study, traces of glyphosate were found in multiple children’s foods and snacks sold in Canada, including Kraft Dinner Original macaroni and cheese, Ritz Original crackers, President's Choice tortillas, two brands of hummus, breakfast cereals like General Mills’ Cheerios and Kellogg's Froot Loops as well as Tim Hortons chocolate glazed Timbits and sesame seed bagels.
Of the 18 products tested, only four did not contain glyphosate. And while the levels detected were in parts per billion -- a minute amount that’s far below the levels deemed safe by Health Canada, which are set in parts per million -- the fact there are trace amounts of a weed killer in foods in the first place may surprise many Canadians 


You can see a complete list of the 18 foods tested and their glyphosate levels at the source link below.

It would be great if no food included this chemical. RoundUp should probably be removed from the shelves as well. Is there really a need to sell an item that has such a controversial story going on about it?


I think not.

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