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Candace Owens crushes Ilhan Omar after vile attack on Ivanka Trump

Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar thought it was necessary to insult Donald Trump's daughter, Ivanka Trump, after she made a heart warming post on Twitter.

Ivanka Trump posted a nice message to all the families staying home with their kids during the coronavirus pandemic. It was a calm and fun message to parents, just reaching out, being human, and talking about making a fort and having a sandwich for lunch.

Then comes nasty and vile Ilhan Omar who needs to politicize it for no reason. Totally stepping all over Ivanka Trump for nothing, during a time when people should be uniting and working together.


Leave it to a Democrat to cause divide for no reason, right?

Ivanka's message said, "Staying home today w/ kids? Plan living room camp out! Throw a bedsheet over some taped together brooms. Plan a menu & ‘pack’ sandwiches, salads (S’mores optional) A fun activity that also brings family together for a meal! Share your ideas & use the hashtag #TogetherApart"

Ilhan Omar, the woman accused of marrying her brother, and who is now married to Tim Mynett - a guy who was cheating on his wife.... and a guy who Ilhan Omar used campaign funds on.... went on the offensive out of nowhere.


Ilhan Omar said, "Thinking of all the families separated forcefully by your father’s policies today. Share your ideas on how you plan to unite them. #TogetherApart"

Oddly enough, Ilhan Omar literally split up a family when she and her new husband (not her brother) were having an affair and BOTH of them were cheating.

The disgusting Democratic congresswoman said this and Candace Owens caught wind and fired back.

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Now Candace Owens is fairly outspoken and you don't generally want to get on her bad side, because she can throw a verbal punch like no other. And this time, she did.

Owens shot back, saying "Thinking of all the families separated, by you sleeping with their husbands, and using your campaign funds to do it."


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