Candace Owens tells you everything you need to know about playing the black card

An exclusive card more valuable than any from Visa or American Express?
These cardholders are a very specific group of people, defined by the color of their skin, says  Candace Owens, Communications Director for Turning Point USA.

“You’ve heard about the black card, right?” Owens began in a video for Prager University.
“No—not the one from Visa or American Express. This one is much more valuable.” she said. “You should know that there is only one way you can get your hands on it: you have to be born with black skin.”
She reiterated that this was the only requirement for cardholders.
“You can be poor, middle class, or rich—it doesn’t matter. The black card will still confer upon you an entire history of oppression, even if you’ve never been oppressed,” Owens said in the five-minute video.
“Flash the black card, and most white people will cower,” she added. “Play the black card expertly, and you can win awards, make millions—all the while claiming that the people who got you there somehow hate you.”
The conservative commentator, who shredded Hillary Clinton as a “racist” on Twitter over the weekend, has no fear calling things as she sees them. Her bold tweets got her Twitter account suspended – and then reinstated, with an apology from the company for their “error.”

Twitter suspends Candace Owens, calls it ‘an error’ after sharp backlash. What she posted is key.
— Conservative News (@BIZPACReview) August 6, 2018
Owens called out other examples of playing the black card in her scathing commentary as she slammed those who have been using their race as an excuse.
Owens pointed to her grandparents as those who “have the most legitimate claim to the black card” but refused to use it.
“If they had problems, they didn’t blame anybody. They just fixed them,” she said of her grandparents. “And they... read more


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