Carrie Fisher Autopsy Reveals Multiple Drugs in Her System

Carrie Fisher unfortunately died on December 27th in 2016 after suffering a cardiac arrest on a plane traveling from London to Los Angeles. Since then an autopsy has taken place and it has been ruled that when Carrie Fisher died there was heroin, ecstasy, and cocaine in her system which she is said to have taken shortly before her death.

The drugs likely caused her unfortunate death, but more importantly is figuring out what caused her to live a life on drugs at her age. What drove her to such a downward spiral?

Carrie Fisher had taken cocaine, heroin and ecstasy shortly before her death, according to an autopsy.

The results indicated that the 60-year-old actor had the three drugs in her system when she became ill on a flight last year. She had a heart attack as she flew from London to Los Angeles in December, and spent several days in intensive care until she died in hospital.

Fisher was best known for her role playing Princess Leia Organa in the original Star Wars trilogy, and later films in the franchise.

The exact cause of her death was unable to be determined in the coroner’s report, which indicated that several factors may have been involved. In addition to the drug use, Fisher suffered from sleep apnea. It was not clear if the drugs had actually contributed to her heart attack and death, or if they were merely coincidental.

Fisher’s drug abuse was well known previously, and she frequently discussed the diseases that challenged her in her work.

Carrie Fisher never kept the problems she suffered to herself. She was open about the fact that she suffered with mental health illnesses. Her daughter Billie Lourd believes that it was the fact her Mother suffered with mental illness that she died.

Fisher's daughter Billie Lourd believes that her Mother would want her death to encourage others who suffer with mental health to be open about their struggles.

Since news of her autopsy spread and people learned about what was found in Carrie Fisher's system, some fans are said to have turned their back on the actress, not really taking into account why Fisher would have turned to these kinds of drugs.

Carrie Fisher lived a horrible life after her roles in Star Wars. Many people suffer with mental health problems, some more than others, and something like this should be understood and treated instead ignored.

If this was a family member or friend, then would you be talking bad about them or would you try to help them?

Her sad situation has a good message that may help others who suffer with mental illness. 

Carrie Fisher was born 8/21/1956 in Burbank, California. She was an American actress, writer, and humorist. She was best known for her roles in Star Wars as Princess Leia. She also starred in movies such as Shampoo where she made her movie debut at the age of 18, The Blues Brothers, The Burbs and When Harry Met Sally.

Fisher was also known for her writing and had wrote several semi-autobiographical novels, these included Postcards from the edge.

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