CBS Fires Charlie Rose Amid Sexual Harassment Claims

Both CBS and PBS have fired host Charlie Rose after being publicly accused of sexual harassment by several women. The allegations against Rose, who is 750years-old, stem from unwanted sexual advances that he allegedly perpetrated against at least eight women.

The women making the claims were between the ages of 21 and 37 years at the time of the alleged incidences and apparently most of their stories consisted of quite a few commonalities that give credit to their stories.

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Rose is alleged to have been in the habit of offering positions to the women, then utilizing his leverage over them to put them into situations that made them uncomfortable.  Some of the victims allege that Rose offered them salaries north of 6 digits, then when they turned down his sexual advances, they would find that the job offer disappeared.  Apparently, none of the complainants worked for the networks that Rose was fired from, CBS or PBS.

Rose seemed to take responsibility for his actions in a statement where he said that he prided himself on being an advocate of women and their careers but that in recent days the claims about his behavior leave him greatly embarrassed and he apologized for this inappropriate advances.

He went on to directly admit his wrongdoings by saying he had behaved insensitively at times but that he does not believe all of the claims are true.  He deflected to an extent by saying he believed his advances were shared feelings and that only know he realizes that this was not the case.

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Only a few of his accusers have made their name public.  The others wish to remain anonymous due to the perceived clout that Rose holds in the industry where they work.

One accuser, Reah Bravo, she recounted her thoughts that he is a sexual predator and she was just one of his victims.

Another accuser, Kyle Godfrey-Ryan worked as his assistant previously and said that on no less than 12 different occasions she remembers Rose walking in front of her while nude as she was working in one of his homes.  Godfrey said that he also, on multiple occasions, blew up her phone at all hours of the night describing his sexual fantasies of her swimming naked.

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The last accuser willing to have her name put on record is Megan Creydt who worked with Rose from 2005-2006 and recalls incidents where he would put his hands on her mid-though.  She said she realizes that other claims against Rose are much more serious but wanted to come forward in support of the women who were coming forward.

Charlie Rose was a broadcasting icon with a multitude of high profile interviews with people such as Steve Jobs and Barack Obama.  He was named on Time Magazine's Top 100 most influential people in 2014 and has been publicly supported by New York Mayor Bloomberg as one of the most important and influential journalists in the nation.

At the ripe age of 75, it's almost unimaginable, unless you are Bill Cosby, imagine a worse way to end an otherwise long and legendary career.  With these accusations and his admissions, it is sufficient to say that Mr. Rose has ended his career in one of the lowest ways possible.

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