CBS got 5.9k+ comments for report on a Republican Senator who said Kamala Harris' name wrong

It's the weekend and I'm sitting on my couch watching Lady and the Tramp and noticed this CBS Report that got 5.9k comments and it was all about some Republican Senator who said Kamala Harris' name wrong.

The first thing that came to mind was who the heck is this guy? The second thing that came to mind was WHO THE HECK CARES?

There are major stories out there breaking about the Biden family, Trump and his 'Rona situation (if he even had it), and probably some teenage foreigner blabbing about climate change. But don't worry, CBS got the report on the GOP dude who can't say Kamala's name right.

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So what's the story? Well, David Perdue is a Republican Senator out of Georgia and he got criticized for saying Harris' name wrong and that is literally the story.

Here's my real reaction to the whole thing, followed by what CBS actually reported.

CBS reported:

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Republican Senator David Perdue repeatedly mispronounced the name of his Senate colleague and Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris while speaking at President Trump's rally in Georgia on Friday night. The senator quickly drew criticism for his comment, which Harris' press secretary described as "incredibly racist."  

As Perdue ended his remarks at the event, he referred to Harris as "KAH'-mah-lah? Kah-MAH'-lah? Kamala-mala-mala? I don't know. Whatever." 

A spokesperson for Perdue defended his remarks, tweeting that he "simply mispronounced Sen. Harris' name," and that he "didn't mean anything by it."

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So Perdue was mocking her name. Cool story, bro. I still don't care. You know how many people have messed up my last name since grade school and not even on purpose? I got telemarketers spamming me on the phone thinking I need to press 2 for Spanish and I'm not even close to being Spanish.

And who the heck is David Perdue? Does he come from the chicken family? I never heard of this guy so he's irrelevant like most of the no-name Senators out there.

I'm just over here cracking up in between sips of coffee that CBS News is crushing it on comments with probably 6,000+ by this time, not all are good, and I can't even get 6 comments on some posts.

Why not guys? Come on, man. I want 6,000 comments too! Get started on this one! GO GO GO!

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