CBS Legal Exec Fired for Sick Post about Vegas Shooting Victims

A top CBS legal executive, Hayley Geftman-Gold, was fired after posting on Facebook that she had no sympathy for the victims of the mass shooting in Las Vegas "because country music fans often are republican gun toters."  This mass shooting left 59 people dead and 527 people injured and it's most likely that the victims are a wide range of political parties.  It only took a few hours until she was fired from CBS for her sick social media post on Facebook that talked lowly about people who lost their lives for no reason.

A source inside CBS told reporters that what Geftman-Gold said was violated the standards of CBS and is no longer an employee of the company.  The source stated that her views on social media were entirely unacceptable to the company and in no way reflect the views of CBS.  The source said that their hearts go out to the victims and families of the Las Vegas tragic mass shooting.

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Hayley Geftman-Gold was a vice president and senior counsel of the strategic transactions department at CBS before her firing and was working for the company for about a year.

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In an apparent reference to Sandy Hook which happened in 2012 in Newtown, Connecticut, Geftman-Gold said that if the government would not do anything when children were murdered that she had no hope that Republicans (which she phrased as Repugs,) will ever do the right thing.

Hayley Geftman-Gold has since posted an apology saying the standard stuff that she would have been advised to say such as she regrets what she said, her words don't reflect her true beliefs or those of her former employer, family or friends.

People have been outraged since Geftman-Gold's comments were posted. Geftman-Gold's lawyer said that she has received a landslide of death threats and asked people to show their love and support to the survivors and their loved ones, and not to create more violence. Geftman-Gold also issued an apology.

Her Facebook posts were reportedly deleted by the services themselves.

Neither CBS nor Geftman-Gold had further comment when contacted by the media.

Stephen Paddock opened fire on a large crowd of Las Vegas Strip concert-goers, more than 22,000 people, from his 32nd floor room at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino.  Upon the arrival of a police SWAT team, Paddock reportedly took his own life. When the police entered the room, he may have been dead already.

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