Celebs push Jeffrey Epstein conspiracy theories about Trump and Russia

The death of famous financier and billionaire Jeffrey Epstein is a hot topic due to the mystery surrounding his death, from falsified logs, unattended moments despite being under suicide watch and the latest information of his hyoid bone found to be broken.

This has now been the hot pot of conspiracy theories from cover-ups, Russia and Trump. Celebrities weigh in their thoughts on the matter.

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One of the first celebrities to voice out their opinions is Debra Messing of “Will and Grace”. She recanted Trump’s statement on his 2016 assertion that he could shoot someone in the middle of 5th Avenue and not lose any voters. Messing claims that Trump has finally killed someone on 5th Avenue.

Another person points fingers at Trump, this time being Michael Moore, famous filmmaker, who suggests that the timing of Epstein’s death is convenient. Comedian Patton Oswalt humored the public by saying Trump had Epstein killed, adding “Mon dieu, you f****** idiots”.

In a statement of Epstein being in good spirits, coming from people close to him, Rosie O'Donnell simply responded with the word “suspicious”.

Rob Reiner tells the president to have a nice vacation, implying that Trump should to it while he can. In his words, this is due to the can of worms being opened and Jeffrey Epstein’s worms will crawl all over some powerful people.

The president is not the only person being accused of Epstein’s mysterious death. Celebrities have shifted their attention to blame everything on Attorney General William Barr who has so far given vague answers, making everything seem more suspicious.

Zach Braff posted a gif of Barr sipping water, mocking him with the caption “Boss, should we make it look like a hanging or overdose?”

Dave Bautista responded to a tweet by MVP that says “Was Epstein suicided?”, replying “Is that the same as Putin'd?”.

There are many more celebrities talking about Epstein’s death, the mystery and suspicion behind it. As the case goes on, it is expected that more will come.

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