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Celine Dion looks ghastly after crazy weight loss

Celine Dion may look happy in her Instagram post, but her fans are concerned about her health. The 51-year-old artist shared a snap where we can see her smiling on the floor, taking a short break during her practice. But what got everyone worried was the sense that she is beyond slim.


Dion is wearing a black leather miniskirt in the picture and a shirt with initials F.O.M.O. As she explained in the post, that stands for Fear of Missing Out but also jokes that it might mean something else. The photo was made just a few days before she was about to have her last concert during the Las Vegas residency that was highly successful. But many of the comments were about her frame, as fans asked her if she is OK. Most of them begged her to take care of herself as they claim they never saw her so skinny.


While Dion was always thin, there are those claiming that there must be a reason for her alarming look. One of the fans thinks that Dion can't cope with the death of her husband and that since the tragic event, she lost weight and acts differently. The singer saw all the comments and told everyone that there there is no reason for worrying about her health.



Speaking to reporters in April, Dion admitted that she lost a bit of weight, but also claimed that the difference is minimal and that everything is fine. She also explained that it's all about her new passion and love for ballet. The artist recently started taking dance classes and has a practice four times a week. Even though it's exhausting, she is happy to do it, as dancing is what makes her happy. Weight loss is only a logical consequence, she claims.

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