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Cenk Uygur blames Trump, says people ask his kids if 'they eat bats'

Leftist nitwit Cenk Uygur has now blamed President Donald Trump and John Cornyn for a situation that some people think did not even happen. Uygur, the well-known leftist, has posted the following on Twitter, bringing his wife kids into his propaganda nonsense:

My wife is from Taiwan, so my kids are half-Chinese. Because of racist assholes like

@JohnCornyn & @realDonaldTrump, their classmates are already blaming them for the virus & asking if they eat bats. My 9 year old son even came home & asked me if it was true. It's heart-breaking.

It was at this point that a lot of Twitter users responded, with many of them suggesting that Uygur made this up completely. And to be fair, there is absolutely no way to prove that this situation happened, because it's just Uygur's word for it, and based on his reputation, his word doesn't seem worth much these days.

One of the only ways this can be solved is if people know what school his son goes to - and if that school has been closed like many other schools across the planet.

If his son's school was closed and he's saying his son just came home from school, then like usual - Cenk is full of Schiff.


Let's see how the lead act in the propaganda bullshit circus played out:

You have no idea how excited I just got to see a Venn Diagram on Twitter. My goodness, this is so much better than common core math.

So if you ask me, for my personal opinion, I think Cenk made it up.


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