Chainsmokers crash Chicago prom and students go wild

The Chainsmokers crashed at a prom in Chicago just before their concert and left the students amazed.
This happened because of a fan's demand in an email to them.

Do you ever just go to a party and wish that your favorite song comes up? Yes, but it feels like it is too much to expect from this universe. Do you ever go to the nearest club on a frustrated Friday night and hope to see your favorite band there?


For me, again this is too much!

Do you ever just get ready for your prom and wish that The chainsmokers would show up out of nowhere?

I would not dream of it and this is most unlikely to happen & unimaginable for most of us, but that's exactly what The chainsmokers did! Before going to their concert in Chicago, they gave the students of Huntley high school in Chicago a night to remember & something to tweet about for the next few days.


It sounds amazing, right?


The Chainsmokers gave a class of seniors in Chicago a gigantic surprise when the boyz crashed their prom.

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The DJ'ing duo played a surprise set Saturday night for Chi-Town's Huntley High School at  at the Hyatt Regency hotel, right after their concert across the street at the Allstate Arena.

Turns out the performance was pre-planned -- and free if you can believe it. Some kid from the school had contacted their management a couple weeks before to schedule the "impromptu" show.  Most of the kids at the prom had no idea they would show.

Have you ever heard the song Sugar by Maroon 5? That exactly depicts how the students felt at the moment. They were all amazed, awestruck and pinching each other to make sure it wasn't a dream. This would be the coolest thing for me. I can imagine myself visiting a party and my favorite band shows up out of nowhere. If they play my favorite song, then that would make me go straight to heaven for a few minutes.

Obviously, I would lose my mind and let the whole world know that just happened. Of course, I would update it on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Then, I will flaunt to the other kids about how special my night was.

To make it simple, let me help you feel what happened at the Huntley High School Prom. Just imagine being in high school again. Now, there is a girl you like a lot and you somehow manage to ask her to go to the prom with you.

Surprisingly, she says yes.

Finally, you go to the prom with her thinking this couldn't get any better and suddenly it gets better.

You see your favorite band The Chainsmokers playing your favorite song 'Closer' on the stage.

Too good to be true? Right?

This is exactly what happened at the Huntley High School (Chicago), when members of the band The Chainsmokers ( Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart) as a result of a fan mail, crashed the prom of Huntley High School. In my prom, everything turned wild & people got so drunk that things were out of control. In fact, most of the proms are not as great as we expect them to be, but students of Huntley school were lucky that night.

The student who emailed the band has helped me regain my faith in the quote "try before you quit." It is a long shot to expect an e-mail to convince The Chainsmokers to visit your prom for free, but it happened.

It was a really sweet gesture from the band to the fans. Those students have a memory that will last forever, because that's certainly not something that happens to every prom!

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