Chanel's $1,325 boomerang labeled as cultural appropriation

Chanel's $1,325 boomerang is getting more attention than expected and is being viewed as cultural appropriation.

A boomerang is an amazing object that we as kids used to see in cartoons. It is an object which is designed to return to the thrower. Boomerang was a part of Australian aboriginal communities, It was used as a weapon for hunting.  Chanel making an overpriced boomerang is being considered as an offense to those communities. Although, the offense being taken by the ones who don't belong to those communities.


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French fashion label Chanel has been accused of appropriating Indigenous Australian culture by selling a £1,130 boomerang.

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The item -- part of the Chanel spring-summer 2017 collection and priced at $1,325 for US buyers -- sparked a heated debate on social media.

"Cultural appropriation hits a new low - I sincerely hope that @Chanel is donating all the profits to underprivileged aboriginal communities," wrote one Twitter user.

Chanel launched an overpriced boomerang and sparked the controversy. Most people believes that the boomerang is originated in under privileged aboriginal communities of Australia. Chanel is treating this as a profit making venture which is offensive. It is being viewed as a cultural appropriation and violation of intellectual rights of the under privileged.

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American beauty vlogger and make-up artist Jeffree Star drew widespread attention to the boomerang, which is made of wood and resin, when he posted about it on social media on Monday.

Starr said he was "having so much fun" with one.

All this started with a picture which Jeffree star posted from his account with his new Chanel Boomerang which sparked the debate. This picture had a shiny black boomerang with the logo of Chanel.

However, some suggested that the controversy was ill-founded. "There's nothing worse in the world?" asked one Twitter user. "Kids are raped & murdered every day & a BOOMERANG is important to u?"

Another tweeted: "Its a boomerang man.. chill."

While there are some people who got offended, there were others who took this as lightly as they should. There are other huge problems in the world that needs our attention while we go taking offense for a product. It is a great thought, What if we all pay attention to the things that really needs our attention?
Like, Crimes, Terrorism, Poverty, Equality e.t.c.

Maybe that's the first step towards building a better world. But that is the problem with us, we always pay attention to the wrong events which distracts us from important things thanks to social media.

This situation states reality. There are people who can afford luxury and there are others who can't. When it comes to overpriced cars or homes, it seems okay to spend extra money for the sake of the brand or location.

 If I entered in a Chanel showroom and I see a special edition Boomerang waiting for me to buy it, do I expect it to be low-priced?  No because that doesn't make sense coming from Chanel.

The reason why this boomerang is overpriced is because of the Chanel brand. Everything they make cost way too much. Chanel isn't charging for a boomerang, they are charging for a CHANEL Boomerang.

Everything we find inside a Chanel's or other big brand's showrooms will be surely overpriced. Because we trust the brand and we are willing to pay higher. It is sort of a marketing thing. The more we are willing to pay for the name Chanel, the more they charge. 

The boomerang used to be a weapon for hunting, but now it is considered a sport for entertainment. It is fine that Chanel is selling an overpriced boomerang. It is hard to understand why this offended so many people. Maybe they just keep looking for ways to complain.

The boomerang is thought to be originated in Australia, but was found to be a part of ancient civilization of Egypt and Europe. Even if it was cultural appropriation, It is hard for us to say whose culture is appropriated. 

This is an amazing product designed by our ancestors. It is fine for Chanel to sell it for crazy prices because that's just what they do. We have the choice to buy it or not, but people should stop complaining.

Don't like it, then don't buy it! No one forces you to spend your money on things that don't matter.

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