NY Post shows Rep. Omar what it looks like when "some people did something"

550 Views Comments

How to Fix the Immigration Problem in 1 Easy Step.

147 Views Comments

Grown man reports people for saying "Learn To Code" because journalists can't handle heat when it's thrown back at them

341 Views Comments

Super Bowl LIII totally sucked and Maroon 5 TROLLED liberals and conservatives

1202 Views Comments

It's OK to say 'Merry Christmas' and you should say it more often

187 Views Comments

The Boy Scouts are about to be bankrupt and I couldn't care less

785 Views Comments

Boundaries and borders...

208 Views Comments

Eight Steps To Destroy America by Dick Lamm, former Governor of Colorado

523 Views Comments

Social Media, Doing what Big Government couldn't

254 Views Comments

Can Crypto Currencies Be Manipulated

189 Views Comments

Hate Speech, Should it be Banned

201 Views Comments

Fix the prison system so my tax dollars aren't paying prisoner welfare

385 Views Comments

Woman acts assaulted because TSA Agent asked for her number

1327 Views Comments

Handmaid's Tale costume removed because people complain about everything

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