NY Post shows Rep. Omar what it looks like when "some people did something"

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How to Fix the Immigration Problem in 1 Easy Step.

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Grown man reports people for saying "Learn To Code" because journalists can't handle heat when it's thrown back at them

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Super Bowl LIII totally sucked and Maroon 5 TROLLED liberals and conservatives

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It's OK to say 'Merry Christmas' and you should say it more often

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The Boy Scouts are about to be bankrupt and I couldn't care less

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Boundaries and borders...

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Eight Steps To Destroy America by Dick Lamm, former Governor of Colorado

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Social Media, Doing what Big Government couldn't

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Can Crypto Currencies Be Manipulated

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Hate Speech, Should it be Banned

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Fix the prison system so my tax dollars aren't paying prisoner welfare

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Woman acts assaulted because TSA Agent asked for her number

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Handmaid's Tale costume removed because people complain about everything

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