Miley Cyrus won't have kids until we live 'with fish in the water'

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Lashana Lynch takes over as 007 for the new James Bond movie

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Your New 007 is Lashana Lynch

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R&B singer R. Kelly arrested on Federal sex trafficking charges

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Cash Me Ousside girl, Danielle Bregoli, signs $1 million music deal

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Snoop Dogg so BURNT OUT he thought FAKE pic of him and Kurt Cobain was REAL

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Joss Stone deported from Iran, where females aren't allowed to sing

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Steve-o calls out Justin Bieber, says FIGHT ME instead of Tom Cruise

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Kim Jong Un's elite bodyguards run next to his car thanks to a Clint Eastwood movie

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Toddlers who watch Peppa Pig develop British accents and won't stop oinking

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Trump's Ex-Wife Announces She's Single And Don't Need No Man

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Winnie the Pooh's 'Christopher Robin' Movie Banned in China

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Netflix Whines On Twitter, Suggests Term 'Chick Flick' Is Offensive

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Criminal Minds Star Aisha Tyler Fires Back At Troll Who Said She Wasn't Funny

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Jessica Simpson shares post-baby leg transformation pics

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Stranger Things 3 Release Date Confirmed and other details

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