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Cheerleaders Sound Really Racist by Screaming 'F--k N----rs' on Video

Here's something you don't try at home. These high school girls are facing controversy after a video they posted went viral because it contained racial slurs. In particular, it said 'f--k n----rs' a few times and that was it. Weber High School, in Utah, is investigating the girls, video, and situation. The video has gone viral on Instagram and links to it, or talking about it, have traveled around Facebook.

This video has caused quite an uproar on social media and it's one of those things that sets racial conversations into an extremely heated upswing that often pits people against each other for no reason. Make no mistake - this video is inappropriate, but people need to not get mad at each other or strangers. Be irritated at the video, but not the people who did not make the video. Only be mad at, or about, the source of the issue. Don't take anger out on anyone else.

Other reports suggest the girls said something different and the video was edited or played backwards. If it was edited, then that's acceptable if someone else put the sound on it. If the girls said something backwards, that magically turned into the racially insensitive thing they said, then I don't believe that. There's reports that the girls were saying "surgeon cuff" then someone looped the video backwards and now it says something that would cause most people to give them the stink eye in disbelief.  If the girls were saying "surgeon cuff" then they know exactly why they were saying it. Those two words don't make much sense just walking around saying "surgeon cuff" to people. The girls made a mistake that paints them as a racist and it was a terrible idea. A video like this is why black folks call white people racist. Of all things to say into a social media video, couldn't they be a little less racist?

These girls need to chill out, learn about appropriate behaviors on the Internet, and allow this to unfold as they'll probably be punished somehow at their high school. I know for one thing, their parents must be really heated over this. This could be very embarrassing to their family.

Now the conversation is where do we go from here? One thing we know is that this particular video does not represent all white people. It represents only the teenagers in the video. Also, since everyone's saying the girls said something else, let's wait and see if there's any proof of that. If there's no proof, then so be it. This video is all over the Internet, so if anyone sees it, like a future college or job, then the girls will face some consequences there. Either way, whatever is done is done. This was a very stupid thing for them to do and let's see if they learn from their ignorant mistake or if they turn out to be doped up girls living on the streets with a few illegitimate kids.

What is the right consequence for their actions?


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