Chelsea Handler admits feeling 'really gross' about benefiting from 'white privilege'

Chelsea Handler was a guest on the Ellen Degeneres show and they discussed Handler's upcoming Netflix documentary about white privilege.

Handler at one point stated that she feels gross about herself because she has benefited from 'white priviliege.'

“I just started to think about all the privilege I’ve benefited from in this industry, specifically — being a Jew is a bonus, being a girl as comedian when I was coming up. I had every advantage. Every door opened for me,” she said of the inspiration for the project. “When I started to look around at people that don’t have as successful of a career or are working twice as hard to achieve the same things, I started to feel very gross about myself.

On a very fundamental level, I wanted to explore it further … [starting] with my own white privilege. I’ve been badly behaved for 20 years and getting tons of money thrown at me for being a loudmouth. You could say I’m talented, but you could also say I’m not talented.”

She continued, “For me, it’s an important subject matter right now. It’s like, ‘What are the people that are benefiting from this gonna do about it?’ And I’m somebody who’s benefiting from it.”

Handler had her previous Netflix show canceled, but appears that they're bringing her back for one more try. Her first show wasn't that funny, in my opinion.

Handler has emerged as a very vocal anti-Trump voice, often posting social media messages about the president in criticism of Donald Trump.

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