Mayor Rahm Emanuel must have lost his mind if he thought anyone would be happy to hear about a proposed 20 to 30 cent per gallon gas tax to help pay for a statewide transportation bill. This is just a clear sign that he can't manage the city budget properly if his only idea to pay for something is to keep raising more taxes. We're not talking about 2-3 cents, but 20 to 30 cents per gallon. If you have a ten gallon tank, then you're paying $3 more just to fill up. Cool story, right! NO THANKS!

Emanuel spearheaded the push during a City Hall news conference in which he was joined by a handful of suburban mayors and regional planners. The mayor’s office also released a list of 26 suburban mayors and village presidents who supported the tax increase.
“We are facing a historic moment, and I stand with a group of bipartisan mayors on behalf of a new transportation bill that should happen in Springfield,” Emanuel said alongside the mayors of Park Forest, Hazel Crest, Oswego, Fox River Grove, Joliet, Batavia, Broadview and Ford Heights. 
“Our state can’t wait any longer,” Emanuel continued. “Over the last four years, we’ve been stuck in neutral and the states in the surrounding area — Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Iowa just to name a few — have passed transportation bills with gas tax increases.” The mayor noted all of the states were controlled by Republican governors and legislatures at the time of the tax increases.

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Your state does not need to raise taxes that high. Figure out a more intelligent way to fund things instead of taking more money from the citizens.

This would spark a riot in Chicago where they already have enough problems.

If you're a politician and your ideas are just more taxes on people, then you're in the wrong business. Figure it out, Rahm.

Source: chicagotribune,