Child caught driving car, but look what's in the backseat!

writer - intro with how its great to visit new places and see weird things. this person probably didn't expect to see a child driving with a goat in the backseat! wrap it up with something funny that you saw on a trip or just a funny opinion of it.


Traveling the world is one of the most enjoyable things we as humans can do. You are able to see new places with new culture and new people. Without fail you may find the most weird things, whether you are searching for it or just stumble upon it. It was a totally random thing that happened when this driver saw a boy in New Zealand driving with his goat in the back seat. The keyword here is "BOY" because the child was thought to be around eight-years-old. If that isn't the most odd thing to stumble upon, then I don't know what is.

People are wondering two things - what's the boy doing with the goat? And does either of the "kids" have a drivers license?

An understandably confused driver filmed the bizarre moment he tailed another car driven by a boy in Whitianga, New Zealand.

The local hilariously narrates the video Attenborough-style (but with extra swearing) and he can’t hide his disbelief as he realises who is driving the Ford Falcon.

He says: ‘I am currently following four eight-year-olds driving this Falcon.

‘There is an eight-year-old driving this car, I s**t you not. It’s packed with kids, mate.’

That’s abnormal enough, but when he zooms in on the vehicle, things really take a turn for the weird

He adds: ‘And a goat. You’re f***ing kidding me! What the f**k is going on?

I know not all of us can experience the joy of children but that does not mean you can bring just any kind of kid with you! Get it? goat? If you are still here, then that is great especially after that bad pun of mine.

This reminds me of the one time in Jamaica that a one-armed-man hopped a fence like he was Spiderman, just to sell me some leafy green product that smelled like a Bob Marley concert.

What are your great vacation stories? Can you one up the driver and the goat sighting?

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