Child rape victim claims authorities told her not to mention race of attackers

Nowadays women find it hard to open up about something they experienced for fear of not being believed or because it may be their word against the offenders word. 

In this case, this woman did open up but was not taken seriously after the names of her attackers were mentioned and was instead made to feel like a racist and like she was the bad person.

Emma reported her rape 14 years ago but was silenced after it was found out that her attackers were of a different race. She was told on numerous occasions not to mention race by both police officers and social workers who should have been there to help her. It was like she was being asked to "not be a racist" when in fact, she wasn't even close to being a racist. She was simply stating the description of her multiple attackers who raped her as a child.

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The rape survivor, Emma, told Katie Hopkins on LBC radio on Sunday: “I actually reported my abuse 14 years ago. I went to the authorities, my parents did. I sat and gave video interviews with the police, I was willing to work with them.

“But as soon as I said the names, I was made to feel as though I was racist and I was the one who had the problem.”

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“I was specifically told not to comment on the ethnicity of the perpetrators,” Emma said, adding she was told “numerous times” by police and social workers not to mention race.

“I knew I wasn’t racist, but I felt like that was used as a way to silence me.”

Asked by Ms. Hopkins how that made her feel at the time, Emma said: “My perpetrators made me feel like I was in the wrong and they [police and social workers] fed into that. And I felt like: ‘Maybe my perpetrators are right. Maybe it’s not them that’s got the problem, maybe it’s me’.”

This story is exactly the reason why most women who are raped end up telling anyone. There's a harrowing fear of not being believed or being made to feel like you did something wrong. Or in this case, there's some strange political reason as to why she was constantly told to not identify the race of her attackers. What was there to gain/lose if the attacker was a particular race? A child was tremendously hurt and people were putting that off to the side like it meant nothing.

Emma was the victim of a brutal sexual attack and was brave enough to open up and tell someone, but then she was made to feel like she was the bad person and her attackers were the victims.

If someone commits a crime such as this, then they should be punished. No one is allowed to play the race card hide behind that like it's some magical token of padron. Police and social workers should have been helping Emma instead of allowing the attackers to hide behind the ever pointless race card. It's the actions, not the color, that speaks volumes about your person.

You can only imagine how much Emma must have suffered being silenced the way she was after finding the confidence to open up and tell someone. Something like this should never be allowed to happen and if a woman comes forward and reports something as severe as this she should receive the helps she needs.

The rapes continued after she reported it to police, as authorities told her it was “[her] word against his”. The police had also lost the clothes she had been raped in, leaving her with no evidence for a prosecution.

Let down by authorities, she found herself being further abused by other rape gangs. She reported rape again at the age of 14, but police said there was not enough evidence.

Eventually, her parents moved her out of the country.

“Nobody wanted to stop it, and that was the only way they could stop it,” Emma said. 

The whole reason for reporting a rape is so that the people who commit the crime are arrested and punished for their crime. In this case Emma had reported it to the police and still had to endure the pain of being continuously raped by the gang.

The police are supposed to be there to help and protect people and so are the social workers. In this instance they definitely let Emma down.

By losing the clothes she was wearing which were solid evidence of the rapes just shows how either careless or not bothered the police really were about the crime that was reported.

Unfortunately our world is so skewed that so many people are afraid of being labeled as a racist and they will do crazy things such as ignore a child rape in hopes to avoid any dramatic racial incidents. Emma had to move and start her life somewhere else because of what happened to her. The gang who raped her physically and damaged her mentally were basically able to get away with stealing candy from a kid.

That's not how the law is supposed to work.

Everything about her case is horrible and miserably handled.

Emma deserves better than this.

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