Recently it was reported that parts of China were banning and confiscating the Quran and other Islamic related religious items.  But why have some Chinese authorities resorted to this?

It has now come to light that Muslims from the northwestern part of China, which number over 10 million people, have been fighting for an autonomous state for several years now.  The ethnic Turkish Uyghur separatists have been waging a guerrilla war against the rest of China which sees around 100 or more people die per year.

Early events in this struggle started in the mid 1950s around the time that Xinjiang became an autonomous state.  Since the founding of Xinjiang's autonomy, there has been a struggle against its use of its new-found powers to oppress Muslims in the region.

This has caused violent attacks, escalating in recent years due to tough restrictions being put on the Uyghur ethnic Muslims in particular.  

Throughout the 1990s there were incidents between Muslims and the Chinese.  There was a bus bomb attacked reportedly carried out by an Islamic separatist group that left three people dead.  

In 1997, the Chinese leadership rounded 30 suspected separatist and had them executed during the Islamic holiday of Ramadan, causing massive demonstrations.

In 2014, a group of Uighur separatists attacked a train station with long knives in southwestern China in an incident that took the lives of 33 people and wounded more than 130.  Most of the attackers were killed while one was taken alive.  This was just one incident in what would turn out to be the most tumultuous year in the conflict since it began.  There were so many terroristic incidents in 2014 against the Chinese that I could not even list them all here because it would simply be repetitive in nature. 

In 2015, a group of knife wielding men attacked coal miners leaving at least 50 dead.  

In 2016 the Chinese Embassy in Kyrgystan was hit by a Uyghur's suicide bomb.

In February of 2017 three attackers with knives were killed by police, but not before killing five Chinese.

Due to the abundance of deadly terrorist attacks on its people, China has understandably placed stricter rules and regulations on the Uyghur people, to include the rumored abolition of their Quran's and other associated religious material.  There are also numerous other restrictions placed on the Uyghur such as the banning of Uyghur children in attending services at mosques, where other non-ethnic Muslims in China are not forbidden.

What it all boils down to is the Uyghur are a group of angry Muslims who want their own country, and if they don't get their way they will carry out terrorist attacks persistently until they get what they want.  Kind of like American far-lefters like ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter, except with the courage and knowledge to actually carry out their threats.

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