Chris Christie Just Gave His Last Speech, Now He Can Get Out!

Soon to be former Governor Chris Christie gave his final public speech and New Jersey residents couldn't cheer louder. The scandalous bridgegate beach chair boy with the giant hips was most famous for being the victim of a horrendous Photoshop, allegedly causing traffic, or closing beaches to everyone but himself. He gave his State of the State address and plans to leave office on January 16. 

The Republican candidate will be replaced by a Democrat, which speaks volumes about Christie's work in the office.  People don't want a Democrat in office, but maybe the Republican voters were burned so bad by Christie that they had no choice. The residents of New Jersey couldn't stand Chris Christie, and the level of distaste for him flowed from every angle of social media and every party in politics. Christie was so disliked that he couldn't get a job with President Trump. 

Christie ran for President but lost embarrassingly. Then acted like he would get a job under Team Trump, but that didn't happen.

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"Christie will bid farewell as he gives his eighth State of the State address. He's the first governor to do so in nearly three decades. Christie leaves office at noon Jan. 16.

As his time winds down, Christie has shown his last battle as governor is to argue that he has accomplished things that will benefit the state for decades to come. Expect Christie to run through his achievements in office during the final address."

Good riddance to Chris Christie. May he find himself some time on the beach while others are there too. May he finally leave people's health benefits and pensions alone. Stay off bridges. And please stop wearing baseball pants.

There was nothing more disturbing than seeing Chris Christie in a pair of tight white pants that unjustly accentuated all the wrong areas.

Bon Voyage, big boy.

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