Chris Christie says Trump should ‘move on’ if he can’t fraud happened

Chris Christie is now suggesting that President Donald Trump should just "move on" if he can't prove any fraud happened during the 2020 election in which Joe Biden was projected as the winner.

Trump might have some legal battles in the making to challenge the results of the election, but he would have to show evidence that something went wrong and resulted in Joe Biden's projected victory. And, if nothing is found, that Trump should move on with it.

Chris Christie spoke with ABC News, reported by NYPost, saying “The votes need to be counted and the president has a right to pursue the legal options that wants to pursue, and he’s going to pursue those. I would hope that if he pursues those legal options and that they turned out not to bear fruit, and I said, I haven’t seen any evidence yet at all that they should, that he would do that, that he would make a speech that, you know, would … try to be one to help people to understand that the election is over — and that we need to move on.”

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President Donald Trump has not conceded yet, so we're all sitting here in limbo to see what Trump does next.

Christie said that it's Trump's right to call things fraudulent, but he needs to provide evidence to back it up. Trump has claimed that Democrats tried to steal the election.

And now we just kick back and see what Trump does next.

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