The pop/rock legend Chris Cornell was found dead in his hotel room. Christopher John Boyle a.k.a Chris Cornell  passed away at the age of 52. After his sold out show in Detroit's Fox Theater, he was found dead in his hotel bathroom floor. The incident is being investigated as suicide, since something was found around his neck. Although the final autopsy report is yet to confirm the incident.

His sad demise came as a shock to his fans, as the legend tweeted after his performance.
@chriscornell "#Detroit finally back to Rock City!!!! @soundgarden #nomorebullshit".

The last song he did was 'In my time of dying', is being percieved as a goodbye by his fans.
It is being said that Chris wasn't feeling suicidal at all. But who knows what was really going on in his mind. 

Michael Woody, a spokesman for the Detroit Police Department, told The Associated Press that were “basic things observed at the scene” that indicated a suicide. Citing local police sources, Detroit’s WXYZ reports that a bandmate found Cornell in his hotel room’s bathroom with something around his neck.

Throughout his life, Cornell suffered from severe depression and also battled addiction to drugs and alcohol.

In his younger years, he left school and isolated himself. He was suffering from depression. Later, He also struggled through addiction. He was almost always intoxicated while working, then he went to rehab and tried to quit. He did it eventually. Apart from his music, his story of fighting addiction has also been an inspirational tale for other addicts. Cornell's sudden demise is a shock to all those fans who consider him as their idol.

The victim was found with a band around his neck, Mr. Freeman said. He said that the police were not confirming that the victim died of a suicide, though the preliminary determination was an “apparent suicide.” He said that more details would be released in a statement later Thursday.

After the show in Detroit was over, Chris went to his hotel. A band mate forced their way in and found Cornell lying on his bathroom floor with a band around his neck. Until the final autopsy report is released, the case is being investigated as suicide. Some people wonder if this death was an accident as a result of autoerotica asphyxiation. People think that may be the case because why would he want to commit suicide when he has his wife and kids to live for? But that shows just how deep the rabbit hole goes and just how dark the concept of depression is. It's deeper than people without it can comprehend.

Cornell was born in Seattle, Washington on July 20,1964. He was a chef at a restaurant and Fan of The Beatles. Also, He was the co-founder of one of the most successful and Grammy winning bands Soundgarden. Alongside playing an essential role in Audioslave & Soundgarden, He also pursued a successful solo career. Their album Superunknown won two Grammy awards for the songs; Black hole sun and Spoonman. Chris cornell was famous among 90's kids and there is no doubt he will be immensely missed.

Many people perceive depression as a state of sadness but it is much more than that. Depression isn't a choice. It doesn't let you get out of bed in the morning, it keeps dragging you back in the state of nothingness. It is important for us to read the signs of depression in our loved ones and help them as soon as we can. To ask them not to overthink is not enough. Despite it is important to help them regain their faith in life. It is important to surround them with people who care and let them be loved. If it is not enough, it is fine to seek professional help.

Cornell was an inspiration to many youngsters as he successfully battled with addiction and depression in his younger years. We should never ignore the signs of depression, it can be fatal. Don't let people lose faith in life, love and friendship. Sometimes being there for them is enough.

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