Chuck Schumer tells Trump to abandon the wall, or the government stays closed

Chuck Schumer and President Donald Trump are having a 'who has a bigger ego' battle and the government will remain in a shutdown until one of them gives in. The battle is over the funding for the border wall that Trump wants, but Schumer won't allow it. Thanks to Democrats who dislike border security, the government is shutdown and might be closed for quite a while.

The Senate Minority Leader and his team of Democrats don't want to give Trump the amount he seeks to fund, or begin funding, the border wall he ran his campaign on. This wall would be erected on the border of the United States and Mexico, although many people would like to see it built on the state line of California, because that state has become one of the weakest links in America.

Do we need border security? Of course! There's already walls and fences along part of the border, so they might as well finish it off and make it stronger. Top Democrats such as Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama have all fought for tougher immigration laws, reform, and strength at the border. When President Trump does it, it's frowned upon, because he's not a Democrat.

Didn't Democrats offer Trump $25 billion for border security in exchange for amnesty for DACA recipients? They did and Senate rejected it. Sounds kind of lame, right? Could have had the wall started by now if you just let a few extra people live in the country, who are already living here anyway and you had no idea because they don't bother anyone. But no - the Republicans and Democrats are like a nightmare divorce that doesn't ever get settled. Sometimes they just can't figure it out because their ego gets in the way of their common sense.

Everything that Trump is doing now in regards to border control and immigration, is all stuff that Democratic leaders have done before, so it doesn't make much sense why the Democrats are always against everything the Republicans do, even though the stuff Republicans are doing are the same things the Democrats would do.

Do we forget who deported the most people ever? That was former President Barack Obama. Hello? Democrats, are you listening?

Now back to the government being shut down.

It's the week between Christmas and the New Year, so was anything actually getting done this week anyway?

No chance.

If anything did get done, would anyone notice? Nope.

Come back on January 3rd and start talking again.


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