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Clemson White House Feast Throws The Washington Post into Trump Derangement Syndrome!

So The Washington Post "writer" Philip Bump from the Amazon "Bozo" owned newspaper wasted no time from his insignificant life to do a massive fact-checking investigation for the American people.
His questions were:
• How many burgers were there; were there even amounts of burgers from Wendy’s and McDonald’s?
• What would a diagram of the food spread layout look like?
• How many fries were there?
• Did the president score a discount with a 2-for-$5 meal deal?
• And, was there enough food to meet college football players’ caloric needs?
But why might you ask did he do this.... Because President Trump at the event said that there were “1,000 burgers” and that they were “stacked a mile-high.”
Who else recalls when the media did all this to "fact check" Barack Hussein Obama and his unending lies? Me neither! 

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