Report: Clinton Backer Paid $500K to Fund Women Accusing Trump of Sexual Misconduct

Hillary Clinton supporters reportedly helped fund at least $700k to assist in getting women to come forth and accuse Donald Trump of sexual misconduct before the 2016 election says a recent report. The founder of Esprit Clothing and notorious Clinton supporter Susie Buell chipped in about $500k to proactively assist anyone and everyone who would speak out about any sexual misconduct they may have fallen victim of by Donald Trump.  The monies given to the cause were to go to assist any victims with security personnel, relocation and possibly even a safe house of sorts.

Buell was not the only donor who put their money toward the destruction of Trump in a last-ditch effort to derail his path to the White House.  Clinton pal David Brock also donated $200k to the cause, a New York Times article reported.

The donors sent the money to a lawyer, the daughter of Gloria Allred, Lisa Bloom, who was known to be working with a group of women who were preparing to accuse Trump of misconduct.

Bloom was known at the time to be actively soliciting donors with the promise that she had a group of accusers willing to tell their stories against Trump.  

As history knows, these efforts proved to be unfruitful.  One of the women involved demanded $2 million then changed her mind about coming forth with her story.  It is unknown why the woman changed her mind or how much, if any, of the $2 million was ever given to the accuser.

When the effort proved to be a failure to take down Trump, Bloom is reported to have refunded all of the money donated to the cause, less her legal and other fees.

Bloom wanted to make it clear that she at no point had any direct contact with Hillary Clinton or her campaign team.  Bloom also asserted that she only dealt with prospective clients whose stories she could corroborate and she rebuked any fingers pointed her way that she coaxed clients with money to come forward.   As comes with the territory, Bloom came under broad criticism for walking the line on the ethics of what she was trying to do.

Bloom has never denied taking the donations from the suitors.  She claims that they reached out to her firm on their own and directly.

The raised eyebrows at her ethics in juggling donators with a vendetta and actual accusers raise even higher when she was pressed about taking a commission for selling the stories of her clients to media outlets.

Bloom is a staunch opponent of everything Trump.  In an e-mail to an unnamed person, she was seen as saying that the woman's story of sexual misconduct was further evidence of what a sick predator 'this man' is - referring to Trump.

Multiple could-be accusers have come forth and told about their interactions with Bloom.  To summarize the litany of exchanges, most women wanted something from Bloom regarding compensation.  Some were turned down by Bloom's donors, and others were offered vast sums of money but decided to not come forth on their own.

After the election, some of the women attempted to sell their stories to the media.  When Bloom found out, it is reported that she sent text messages to the woman in question warning that their contacts with the press were unauthorized by their contract and that they should not be shopping the story around else the 'whole thing' that they have worked so hard for would vanish.

The ultimate result is a failed attempt at bringing Donald Trump down before the election.

I'm left with only one question; why is nobody in jail for this?

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