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Clinton wants hit and run victims to sue the car company

Hillary Clinton is campaigning for hit and run victims to be eligible to sue the car company that made the vehicle. You read that correctly, she wants you to sue the car company who made the car who had nothing to do with the crime, but not the person who ran you over.

hillary sue the car company

I was hit by a car, but I didn't sue the car company.

I was hit by a car once when I was about 12 years old. I crossed the street, at a stop sign, on my BMX bike. A woman pulled up as I was about to cross, and as I'm IN FRONT OF HER CAR AS SHE PRESSES DOWN ON THE GAS. I roll off the hood and yank my GT Interceptor (black model) from under her front bumper.


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She was nice enough to ask if I was OK and I was stupid enough not to lay on the ground and fake an injury, but I was 12 and happy to be OK. Plus I think I was in an area where my Dad told me not to go, so I may have been in trouble for breaking my boundaries too. Forget about that nonsense. I wasn't getting grounded.

Let's say she took off, but I noticed she drove a Nissan Maxima. Should I be able to sue Nissan, or should I find this woman and sue her? What does Nissan have to do with this?

Does this sound extremely stupid to anyone else?

You want hit and run victims to sue the car company? You know what's gonna happen? People will literally throw themselves down a flight of steps, go outside, lay in the street, and report it as a hit and run so they can sue a company and get a free paycheck.

Let's install high tech cameras on all roads instead of costing the car companies money for the crime they didn't commit. Then we can capture the crime in action and hopefully get their license plate and sue the person responsible.

I don't think a company is responsible for the irresponsible actions of an individual.

Do you?

Here I am getting ready for a paycheck.


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