Clintons spotted at Millionaire Iranian's Party after Epstein Suicide

This weekend, amidst US financier, pedophile and accused of sex trafficking, Jeffrey Epstein’s controversial suicide death, a couple accused of being close to the convicted man was found partying in the Hamptons with a wealthy Iranian.

Hillary and Bill Clinton were partying at the home of Joseph Moinian, billionaire Iranian-American real estate investor and philanthropist.


The Clintons are back in the spotlight following the revelation of their close connection to Jeffrey Epstein who died in what is said to be an apparent suicide, with details that suggest it may not be. Some conspiracy theories involve the Clintons, claiming that it was them behind this assassination which is being masked as a suicide. This is, in what some conspiracies suggest, a way to keep their secrets with Epstein to the grave.

However, Bill and Hillary showed no stress, smiling as they took photos with guests, some including magnate Mark Birnbaum, model, and swimwear designer Tori Praver and Marlon Wayans.

Marlon Wayans, who took a photo beside the couple, refers to Bill as “the homie” with Hillary as “the people’s president” in his caption on a photo he shared on Instagram.


This part took place amid the increasing tension between the US and Iran, now growing as a federal judge approved a warrant to seize an Iranian tanker which had been set to deliver oil to the war country Syria.

A series of unsealed documents that were released in a defamation case against Ghislaine Maxwell, a close friend of the Clintons, reveals that Bill did not have anything to do with the acts of pedophilia nor partook roles in the sex trafficking of underage girls. This is according to the testimonies by some of Epstein's victims.

However, it was his connection with Epstein that is causing the public’s scrutiny, sealed with the portrait of Bill in a drag, solidifying the Clinton connection to the disgraced US financier.

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