'Clueless' Stacey Dash busted for 'slapping a man across the face following'

Actress Stacy Dash was arrested in Florida during the weekend as she first pushed and then slapped a man across the face after a heated argument. As the police said, she was charged for domestic battery.

Dash was taken into custody on Sunday by Land O' Lakes Pasco Sheffir's Office, which is around 25 miles north of Tampa. The police report says that the actress argued with an unidentified man before she slapped him. The man had visible scratches on his upper left arm from pushing, said the deputy. She didn't resist the arrest, and there were no other incidents.

Dash's claim to fame was the role as Dionne Davenport in 1995 teenage cult classic, "Clueless." She is still filming, mostly low budget movies, including political drama Roe v. Wade that will be released later this year. She also works as a conservative political commentator since February 2018, and she even tried to run for Southern California congressional seat. She changed her mind only a month later, telling Cosmopolitan magazine that if she won, the health and well-being of her family would suffer. At the same time, Dash also promised she would continue to stay in politics and fight for the people she claims are forgotten by the Democratic party for decades.


Until 2016, Dash was also working for Fox News, as an on-air contributor. She was widely panned because she expressed an opinion that all award shows and television networks that promote only the African American community are not necessary anymore. She is also against Black History Month as there is no such thing as white history month. Her reasoning is that these shows and events are stimulating segregation instead of integration. Dash made on-air incident as she used profanity while attacking President Barack Obama's view on terrorism, and was suspended.

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