CNN accused of 'Dangerous Clickbait' for report on Derek Chauvin court results

CNN is being accused of "dangerous clickbait" after they reported on Derek Chauvin. It was another big time "blue check" on Twitter that called this out. UberFacts, who has 13+ million followers, stated the following about CNN's article on Chauvin: "WARNING!! Derek Chauvin's more serious second-degree murder and manslaughter charges still remain. He faces up to a total of 55 years in prison! Please, do not share this article WITHOUT context… It's dangerous clickbait!"

Here's what happened. CNN's article title and description focused on the charges that were dropped for Chauvin, but left out the part where other major charges were still remaining and the fact that Chauvin faces up to 55 years in prison.

Why is that a problem? Well, a lot of people go on social media and read the headline only, then they share or comment and they don't even know what the heck they're talking about. This means people could literally share the CNN article and think that Chauvin is walking free, but it's completely the opposite result. People could share the CNN article and think Chauvin is a free man and then hypothetically go out and start a riot or keep passing on possible misinformation leading to the bigger problem.

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Now of course, people have a responsibility to read the full story before commenting, but so many people are simply bad at social media and rush to judgement based on a headline. Quite frankly, if you're reading headlines and commenting, BEFORE READING THE STORY, then you are just as bad as CNN and you need to stop doing that. CNN needs to stop being deceptive and correct this title to reflect the accuracy - that Chauvin had some charges dropped, but still faces 55 years in prison.

Here's a screenshot of what UberFacts posted to their 13+ million followers:


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