CNN: El Paso shooter's Mom called cops about him owning 'AK' type of weapon

The El Paso shooter's mother actually called the police weeks before the massacre happened. She was worried that her son possessed an "AK" type firearm. Patrick Crusius' mother thought that her son, that was just 21-year-old, was simply too young to own such weapon and lacked any training to properly use it. But it's not like she was suspecting that something terrible can happen, as her son behaved typically for many young men.

"This was not a volatile, explosive, erratic behaving kid," said the family's attorney Chris Ayres. "It's not like alarm bells were going off."

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During her call to the Police Department in Allen, Texas, Crusius' mother was quickly connected with a public safety officer that stated that her son is already old enough to "be allowed to purchase the weapon." The mother didn't provide her son's name, and the office didn't ask for any additional information.

The local police had just three records of shooting suspect, Patrick Crusius. They were all minor. One of them was about a false burglar alarm at the family home, the other one about Patrick being a victim of a traffic accident (as a passenger in a bus), and the third one about his short escape from home. He returned just in 30 minutes, as the police reports say.

One source close to Crusius' family said that Patrick was still "trying to figure out what to do next" with his life. He considered a transfer to a four-year university, just like enlisting in the military and having a full-time job.

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Unfortunately, Patrick chose a completely another way. He killed 22 people in El Paso's Walmart and injured more than two dozen other victims. Jaime Esparza, District Attorney said that his office will "seek the death penalty."

Before committing the crime, Patrick posted a statement on one of the websites. He ranted there against immigrants, blaming them for taking jobs away from US citizens.

US Attorney John Bash stated that the Justice Department "seriously considers" bringing federal hate crime and federal firearm charges.

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