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CNN Interviews Hurricane Harvey Victim and Gets Cursed Out

CNN must have thought they were doing ground breaking journalism when they shoved a microphone in the face of a Hurricane Harvey victim. Rosa Flores, reporter for CNN, was talking to a mother who was at a shelter in Houston. The mother had her kids next to her and they all looked distraught, broken, and in a state of despair. Flores comes at the with the microphone, acting all chipper, throwing questions at the Mom like she just walked on a Hollywood red carpet.

The Mom answered a few questions, but then reality sank in. She was talking about what could be the worst time in her life. A time where she might lose everything she has. A day where she's lucky to have her kids, but there's not much else to go home to. And that was it. The Mom last her wits and told Cnn's Flores how she felt. She called the reporter out for taking advantage of Hurricane Harvey victims and basically stepping on the victims when they're down.

This was classless reporting from CNN. How could they go in there without any empathy for what these folks are suffering through. People have literally lost EVERYTHING and Rosa Flores looks like she's all dapper and chilled out, knowing she gets to go home to her cozy place and call it a night.

Not these folks. They'll be living in a shelter, homeless, with nothing, for who knows how long. What's CNN doing to help?

It seems like CNN is just there to report and get some coverage for ratings. Could the reporters at least act like they care about what just happened? Hurricane Harvey is a major natural disaster. It is at or above the level of Katrina. You know it's bad when there's a video of Hurricane Harvey looters.


Here's the video of CNN's Rosa Flores interviewing the mother at the Houston shelter. To Flores' credit, she did apologize, but I am still not very thrilled with it.

Mother At Houston Shelter Called Out CNN Reporter

In my opinion, they could've interviewed people in a more classy and empathetic way. CNN should be there handing out supplies and showing people they care, not just interviewing people for their programming. And let's be honest, perhaps if Flores interviewed someone else, they may have not responded like this. But think about it - people don't want a microphone in their face when they're figuring out where they're getting their next meal or sip of water. This Mom has to figure out where her kids will sleep and Flores is worried about an interview? Come on now, that's just not right.


Hopefully CNN donates to help people. That would bring some respect back to their organization.

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